Mackley Homecare


  • General companionship and emotional support
  • Food preparation and preparing meals
  • Assist with general domestic tasks (cleaning,laundry, shopping)
  • Support with travel arrangements and lifts for all client appointments and leisure activities
  • Accompanying clients and participating in favourite hobbies

Many people require companionship and help with the little things rather than round-the-clock care, but don’t like to mention it to friends and family as they don’t wish to be a burden. We pride ourselves on finding compatible companions who can help make life just that little bit easier at home.

Therefore, if it is for yourself or perhaps you have ageing family members nearby, or across the country, it can help just knowing that there is a friendly, caring companion who visits regularly.

Companion carers won’t take over your home; they are simply there to make life easier. They become a trusted companion who can keep you or your loved one socially engaged in their own home.

Our companionship services aim to ensure that you or your loved ones can lead happy, healthy and stimulating lives in the comfort of their own home or residence.

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