Mackley Homecare

Night Care

  • Ease anxiety about being alone at night
  • Night care support in the home environment
  • Sleeping night and waking night services provided
  • Provides reassurance to client and family that someone always available

Our dedicated care worker will work through the night, so that your family will feel and remain well supported in the comfort of their own home.

Sleeping Night

Night care workers will sleep at your families property to reduce feelings of vulnerability and provide night support. This service can be provided any night, either on a regular basis or as when required.

Night care workers can reduce any anxieties i.e. falls and sleep deprivation. For a minimum of eight hours, this option will suit your family to feel comfortable sleeping throughout the night. Extended support more than twice during the night will transition into a waking night.

Waking Night

Our waking night is the best support option for your family if support is needed multiple times or at regular intervals during the night. It is best suited there is a need to change position due to injury or a need to administer medication throughout the night.

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